Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Who are all these people?

For the sake of being able to just drop the names of people I interact with, without having to explain who the hell they are. Yes, this list will be hilariously outdated in a month, I don't care.

Ryan- My roommate. Basically a nice guy, but if you stand up next to him you can see chunks of grease in his hair. Also, he sleeps in his clothes. I think he's afraid to undress when I'm in the room. But like I said, a nice guy...with a horrendous sense of humor.

John- Lives in bedroom 3. Mildly autistic. He has some peculiar habits, some of which frankly, are really annoying. But now I feel guilty enough, and he is a really nice guy.

Chuck- Johns roommate. I know nothing about him. So...I will prolly never mention him here.

Keith- Lives by himself in Room 1. I've seen maybe twice so far. He's getting stuck with a roommate next week, but he's apparently tried hard to make his room non-cohabital. I feel sorry for whoever it's gonna be. Actually, I hope its someone who wears an upside down and backwards visor.

Nicole- She went to Brown too, and checked in the same day as me. Her main use is that she always seems willing to do things, like go to parks or the grocery store. Cause otherwise she's kinda flighty and annoying.

Amber- She was in my class at Brown. She's only here three months cause her husband is coming home from Iraq then, and they're deploying to Germany. Is deploying the right word there?

Nina- Ambers ghetto-tastic roommate. Nice.

Scott- One of my bosses at work. Really the only one I've met so far. I consider him my boss because he gave me my voucher coupon for the cafeteria.

Seth- I've actually only hung out with him once. I just mention him cause there's a guy back in ACACIA name Wes who looks just like him. And "Seth" is how you would say "Wes" if you had a really great speech impediment.

There's also an apartment of girls right below me, some of who are from Minnesota that are pretty nice. They've invited me over twice to watch TV. But I still think of them as one monlithic unit. If I ever discern any individual personality maybe I'll sort them by name.

I suppose I'll add more people as I meet them. Unless I get sick of this, in which case you can just guess who I'm talking about.

I got paid!

I forgot to mention, during my tour I discovered I had a paycheck waiting for me! It was only for last weeks Disney indoctrination, and even that was at minimum wage, but hey, 35 bucks is 35 bucks. So I cruised down to the Winn-Dixie to cash it and get some much needed groceries to augment my ample supply of Ramen. I got-
6 Michelinas frozen entrees which were on sale, nine for nine dollars. Which is kind of an odd denomination really.
1 jar of goober grape. They didn't have it in strawberry.
1 bag of winn-dixie tortilla chips.
1 bag of shredded winn dixie cheddar cheese.
1 can of winn dixie chunky soup (Sirloin Burger!)
1 can Busch Baked Beans (Barbecue)
1 box Winn Dixie rotini pasta
1 jar Ragu Double Cheddar Sauce
2 cans winn-dixie mushroom stems and pieces
1 loaf of winn-dixie bread
1 bottle of Mexican pop (Pineapple flavor)
1 book of crossword puzzles (I'm frequently bored!)
1 tub of Country Crock butter-like spread (Prolly the fanciest thing I bought)
I'm really excited to try that Mexican pop. You just can't find Pineapple pop anywhere, and hey it might make me sick too!

First Day of Work

Well, had my tour today followed by a few hours of burger flipping.
Heres what I learned-
Port Orleans is big, either 2058 rooms or 3068, the same lady said both figures, I didn't ask for clarification.
My tour guide kept saying my name, which always makes me feel like I did something wrong. "Okay Ben we're going to walk this way" "Ben, now look at this"
"What? I wasn't not looking at it!"
(Off topic, theres commercials here for this appliance store, where the owner is always throwing forks at dishwashers and yelling "Your dishwasher is a piece of junk!" I dont like it, it feels like I'm being yelled at for something I didn't do)

The burger flipping was really easy, just hot and boring. I have to get through the Quick Service training before I start in the kitchen. Dues paying and all that.

Oh, and for anyone who took my criticism of Mission Space as Disney bashing, so be it. Mission Space sucked. I'm alot more happy with Disney these days, but sorry, the ride sucks. Don't get your expectations up, anyone who is coming here anytime soon. Dad, will you back me up on this?

Disney Quest

Used my free pass for Disney Quest yesterday with my roommate Ryan and friend Nicole (both Brown graduates like me) Here's what I thought-

Make A Song (or whatever it's called) By far the most entertaining feature. If any of the songs you could make in there were actually good I'd be half tempted to get the CD.

Sids Create A Toy- Creepy.

Jungle Cruise Raft Thingy- Kinda fun, this fourteen year old or so kid jumped into our party. He kept trying to tell us what to do until I told him to shut up. Actually what I said was "Stop bossing!" Match, point, game...Ben.

Aladdins Carpet Ride- Pretty fun. I really had no idea what I was doing, where I was going. It was also really unclear who accomplished what. "I killed the scorpion!" "No I did!" "But I found the Golden Beetle!" No, I found it!"

Pirates of the Carribean- Alot of fun, but I have a bruise on my palm from working the cannon. This game is hard to win with only three people. The first time through I was a gunner and had to dash back and forth across the deck to blast at the nearest galleon. Second time through I piloted and had to pull double duty with the nearest cannon. Which is actually harder and less dirty than it sounds. We were "Swabbies"

Cyber Space Mountain- UGH. Steer clear of this. I was not aware that the motion simulator can actually go completely upside freakin down and do barrel rolls and crap. Because there were three of us I got stuck riding twice. My fault, I put all three upside down stretches in. But I was queasy for the rest of the day.

Ride The Comix- Would have been alot more fun if I wasn't seeing double from CSM. Plus everytime I moved my head slightly, which is quite necessary in this game, my VR helmet would fly off. I still managed to tie for first place, thereby proving I am better at this game than girls and small children.

I also played a crapload of old arcade games, most of which I once owned on Atari or C64. And they all pretty much sucked. Also, I schooled Ryan in air hockey, but that goes with out saying because I f***ing rule at air hockey! (Sorry mom)

Disney Quest

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