Friday, November 26, 2004

Can We Talk About Mission: Space?

Allright, in the interest of anyones whos dreams of this ride I may have crushed, let me clear a few things up. Because hey, I could actually be wrong about it. Not that I'm going on it again or anything, but here's somethings to consider-
1- It would seem that, at the advanced age of 25, I no longer have the head for nausea inducing rides I once did. The motion simulator might have been great; I was too busy eyeing the complintary air sickness bags to notice.
2- Your input into the ride has about as much meaning, I suspect, as raising your hands on the big drop of a roller coaster. I know that was the most hyped part of the ride, but I suspect, that if you don't push your little buttons or steer your little joystick the way they tell you, the ride comes out the same.

But this is just my opinion. Sabrina, one of the Minnesota girls who live downstairs from me loves this ride. And it does seem to be popular. So hey, I'm just setting people up to be, at best pleasently surprised and at worse, not really angry.

My First Real Day

Had my first full day of work yesterday. And yeah, it was pretty much flipping burgers. But it wasn't really bad, and even kind of fun in a way. You have to watch the line, communicate with your co workers, anticipate needs etc etc. So I was brushing up on basic skills too, which is always a plus. They told me it was a busy day (but no exactly for us, as many people where opting for the Thanksgiving dinner at another shop) So I might be even busier today.
Also they had a nice Thanksgiving potluck deal for us. So I got lots of turkey and mashed potatoes et al.

That Baseball Thing

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