Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rainy Day

Just got back from meeting Beany and Stan and Co. at Animal Kingdom. What a wet, rainy miserable day. My fingers are actually stiff from the cold, making typing difficult. Poor me!
Dinosaur is alot different in the back row...wait I've talked about that before. On the tram ride back to the parking lot the guide kept talking about how it was so much better as Coutndown to Extinction. Thanks, rub it in.
Saw Tarzan Rocks for the first time. Actually its the first stage show at all I've seen since I got here. Apparently it was toned down due to the wet floors. They couldn't have people skating all over the place. So intstead we got a Vegas-wannabe lounge singer who kept going on about the Two Worlds One Family tour. Whatever that is.
Also while we went to the underwater hippo viewing area. While everyone was oohing and aahing about how close it was, it suddenly sticks its butt out of the water and sprayed crap every where. I know its the kind of thing I should have stopped finding amusing in, oh about the sixth grade, but ha ha, the reaction was just hilarious. "Oooh he' s so close! He...wha...ewwwwww!" Apparently hippos eat grass.
Got to see a silverback gorilla running completly upright, which I've never seen before. I did'nt even know they could.
No one was eaten by a tiger, for 3,652 connsecutive day.

My sweat shirt is wet and I'm cranky. I need a nap.

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