Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I am a Great Pyrenees

I wish I had a great pair of knees, as the ones I have aren't very good. But this quiz says I'm a great Pyrenees. Gwen is a hovard. Wow, I feel kinda dirty saying that. Sorry Gwen.

Yo ho, yo ho

Wel'll take all your money and inflict you with curses
Drink up me hearties yo ho
and punish you with our endless song verses
drink up me hearties yo ho

These are some bad guys.

Boring day

I really don't have a whole lot to talk about today. No disney news, and no job updates. I kinda took yesterday off, the last six days of work and job hunting have been stressful, so it I jsut wanted to relax. I went bowling with some friends later in the evening. I rolled a 78 the first time, and a 116 the second time. I'm not very good at bowling.

Fight like cat and dog

Gwen, you might think this is funny. Reminds me of 'Tini and her Mortal Kombat swipes at Belmont.

Traffic Tuesday a success

128 page views, a new record for this site! Of course, it sounds kinda lame when I visit blogs that get that many hits every second. But it's pretty good when I consider how few people I KNOW that know about this site.

I'll try and get some more 'insider information'. I can really only get them when using one of the computers at Epcot. Those ones allow you to access the Cast Portal and the internet from the same desktop. I have to use different computers if I'm at I am now. I'll try and find something good.

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