Monday, February 28, 2005

Hello..thank you!

I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who come by here and check in with me. I know it sounds pretty weird, getting depressed at Disney World, but thats the way it goes sometimes. Bear in mind I am surrounded by college kids who took a semester off to party at Disney World. So you can imagine I don't really fit into well here. It dosen't bother me much, I wanna work hard, train, learn new stuff at my job, and put in a little work on my book on the side. But it does help to have contact with everyone here. So thank you to everyone who stops by!

P.S. You guys would really like the audio feed here in the computer lab (I think they use it for all the offices here at WDW) It's a huuuuggge continuous loop of if Disney movie music. Right now it's playing a series of songs from Pocohantas.

P.S.S. Dad, I was going to do a list of what Disney movie tertiary characters I would want to form a fire department, but I kind of stopped at Bill, the guy with a ladder from Alice in Wonderland. I mean, he had a ladder!

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