Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I am probably abusing the Internet portal at work by writing this but I just want to say that this is one of those days where I JUST WANT TO SMACK SOMEONE.

Argh. Actually what I really want to do is get on the walkie and say "Attention people, as you just heard I've had people ordering ten different things from me in the past five minutes. If you call me for something in the next ten minutes, please make sure it is something you cant get your own damn self. Thank you."

I wish.

The Great Book Meme

The Night Writer tagged me with the book meme that's going around... Haven't had too much time for reading lately but let's see how I do.

What is the total number of books you have ever owned?

Well, right now I probably own about thirty or so. Mostly culinary school texts, fantasy novels and a few writing guides. Back in high school I probably had over 100. Mostly Steven King and Dragonlance. I eventually realized that while I tend to enjoy Steven Kings stories I abhor his writing style. And the Dragonlance stuff is mainly meant for a younger audience I think. Although the original two trilogies stand up quite well. otherwise I could have done a better job than some of those perephrial authors they employed. I guess I still 'own' all those books if you count 'in a big box somewhere in your parents attic' as ownership.

What is the last book you purchased?

Hmmmm. I can't remember if I've bought a book since returning to Minnesota a few months ago. I just haven't had much time to read. I think the last one I bought was Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind. Yech, what a stinker that turned out to be. Goodkind is a mjaor fantasy author and Wizards First Rule sounded to be gernerally well reviewed so I gave it shot. After 200 pages I wasn't just bored, I was annoyed. It's all about some kid named Richard or something, I don't know. The book basically went like this-

Some character- Richard, it's hopeless. It seems that blah blah blah

Richard- Wait, you say that blah blah blah? Hmmm....well, it seems to me that we should blah blah blah

Other Character (slapping forehead) Oh Richard, you got it exactly right! You're so clever!!

Repeat 20 times. See, he's clever got it?

What is the last book you've read?

That would be Never Mind the Pollacks by Neal Pollack. Hilarious mock history book about a rock critic named...Neal Pollack. He grows up next to Elvis (who runs over Neals father) befriends Bob Dylan, lives with Joan Baez, discovers Lou Reed and, well it just keeps going on like that. Along the way he meets dozens of rocks most important figures, consumes prodigous amounts of drugs anf generally lives the ultimate hedonist lifestyle. The book is wickedly funny, with spot on satire of rocks self destructive culture and left of center acadameia. Highly recommended, if you don't mind copious profanity and such.

What are five books that mean alot to you?

Yikes. Hmm. Let's see...
Well, A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin reinvigorated my love of the fantasy genre.

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain- If you go to a restaurant on Sunday, don't eat the fish.

The Stand by Steven King- Ten years ago this was probably my all time favorite book. Looking back now I can see it is deeply flawed including a ridiculous cop-out ending that renders the whole previous book meaningless. But still. I guess it really got my love of insanely long books going.

MacBeth by Shakespeare- I know, its not technically a book, I just really appreciate it. Besides I've only ever read it, not actually seen it performed.

Our Dumb Century- The Onion has gone downhill as of late, but this 20th century history review is the perfect example of the comedy that keeps me going.

I guess thats it...I'll have to look for someone to tag now...Thanks Nite Writer!

What's Bugging Ben Today?

Everytime there is someone representing Canada on TV, it's guranteed they'll have something with them. Roots. As in the clothing line. Every Olympics, when the Canadian team walks out the announcers gush over the classy, elegant Roots wear. And there is the inevitable news story about how the American teams designers had to counter last years Canadian uniforms that were such a hit. I was even watching Iron Chef one time and the challenger came out totally decked out in Roots. The store at Epcots Canada pavillion mostly sells Roots. Roots, Roots, Roots.
Congratulations Canada, you've invented a clothing line. I like Eddie Bauer and all, but you know, I manage to make my life not revolve around it. I guess if you're from Canada you latch on to whatever bit of pride you can.

(It wouldn't be a Minnesota blog without the occasional Canada jab)

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