Thursday, September 08, 2005


Yup, its more of the stuff thats cut my site traffic in half....Bookblogging!

Chapter 7- Medra is sitting in class listening to Matron Mareth prattle on. (Medra is a matron at the Betrothal Academy, an institution that arranges marriages amongst nobles for maximum political benefit) After class she and her best friend Samenth head to the Quad tavern for a drink. There, off duty Home Guards eagerly buy them drinks and they discuss all the knights and lords who will be coming to court. Samenth wants to seduce one or two of the married ones then blackmail them. Medra thinks thats repulsive, she just accepts lavish gifts. Samenth asks a lieutenant to walk them back to their apartments. Once there he and Samenth go for a walk in the garden. The desk clerk informs Medra that Sir Wisten has been hanging around all day looking for her. Annoyed, Medra recruits him to give her a boost into her second story window out back. Inside she lounges around for awhile reads her mail and some new finanical reports. She hears a disturbance in the hall. Sir Wisten is drunk and accosting Samenth and lieutenant Mord. Wisten shoves Mord down the stairs breaking his leg. He breaks into Medras room and accuses her of deserting him. He attempts to rape her but she grabs a letter opener from the desk and stabs him in the throat killing him. The last thing she remembers is Samenth screaming (as it turns out, over Mords broken leg, she hasn't seen the corpse)

Man that chapter looked longer on paper.

Also, on that subject I am both amused and frightened by the prospect of the Padres making the playoffs with a losing record. I can just imagine them stumbling through the postseason and somehow winning the World Series. And how the hell are we supposed to remember that? The Sub-500 Champs?


Look, you think I like the prospect of rooting for the freakin' Indians? No! But if there is one thing that approaches my love of the Twins its my hatred of the Yankees. The Twins can't do anything to stop the Yankees from making the playoffs at this point. I have to do what I can to stop them. If that meens sending the Indians some all important good vibes, so be wait. Scratch that. I can't do it. I just can't cheer for the Indians. If the Yankees make it so be it, I'll just pray (I haven't tried praying yet!) they go out in the first round. Of course I was already planning on burning my first-round exodus wish on the filthy disgusting White Sox. (Don't worry. No possible combination of events could make me root for the White Sox. That will never change)

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