Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Revealing my geekishness

My other online addiction can be found...here.
Yes, its a forum based simulation of the US government. It combines all the fun and excitement of watching CSPAN with the action of typing!
My character is a US representative from Minnesota. I'm on the House Judiciary committee!
Seriously, its fun. Really. Why not check it out? I'm trying to recruit one new member for the Republican party.
Ok, most people would be bored to tears by this, I just had to ask.

Gwen is done with the kitchen wallpaper..as she said. The house is going along swimmingly, or some such charming British adjective. Except Gwen couldn't get the lawn mower to start today. I'll try tomorrow.

My cheese dip sauce was a huge hit at work tonight. That makes me happy.

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