Saturday, March 17, 2007


What does Google have to say about Ben? Let's see:

1.Ben is a charming and witty ubergenius with enough confidence and tenacity to turn this town on its head – and to do some real good while he’s at it.

2.Ben Is Dead

3.Ben is leaving the building

4.Ben is not a building in danger

5.Ben is asked to return to Bryan Medical School in Miami and
finish out the term of an eccentric professor whose body was found in a canal near the school.

6.Ben is a much better alum of Miami U than Wally Z.

7.BEN is already astonishing users with its ability to bring amazing clarity and quality to audio production while providing flexibility and features like no other studio clock before!

8.Ben is back, badder than ever

9.Ben is a huge techno-geek, and his love for something is often based on how many LEDs it has.

10.Ben Is Right Again

Gotta say, I think 1 come closest to describing me. Maybe 5 too, though it sure sounds like a lot of work. I have to agree with 6 though. Wally Z is a douche!

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