Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Saw X-Men III today. I liked it pretty well, Gwen tolerated it, laughed at the cheesy bits. And there were a few. I also spent a goodly portion of the film trying to fill her in on the relevant comic book details ("She can run through walls. I don't know how useful she'll be in this fight") and sometimes failing ("If she was so powerful why did she die so easily?" "Well....because.")

Also that whole 'you have to stay around until the credits are over" thing was a little underwhelming.

But I'm a bit of a comic geek so I liked. More sequels please.

Normally the Twins literally throwing a game away might inspire my to resume the boycott. But I guess they did just win three in a row from the M's. Ok, I'm fickle but not that fickle. Boycott stays off, for now. Hopefully they can beat up on underachieving Jeff Weaver tonight.

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