Saturday, August 13, 2005

BookBlogging III

Siomyn Belwyn- Great Lord of Griffenhaight (the Belwyns are one of the six Great Houses...though there are technically lower ranking High Houses that are actually more powerful) His father Rheicert was the most famous knight who ever lived, winning a record six Grand Tourney (the championships of jousting) including four in a row. Has spent his life living under that shadow. Took the lordship at seventeen when his father died suddenly. Married, somewhat unhappily to wife Mara. Mara was the daughter of a poweful house in dispute with Griffenhaight and the marriage was made to repair relations. Simoyn has two younger brothers, Travin and Crios, who both left home at an early age to go adventuring, something Siomyn resents (He martyrs himself on the fact that he came home to take things over and never expected help from his brothers.) Also, a younger sister, Tornya who is betrothed to a local lordling that has run away from home. Also, a younger sister Kite who died in childhood which Simoyn has never really gotten over. Two sons, Jarest, sixteen, Lother eight and a daughter, Kite, five.
Griffenhaight, which sits in the Maestral mountains that form the eastern border of the Grange, is one of the largest castles in the land. Siomyn also has expansive estates throughout the mountains and a winter mansion on the Kennitoth (Kings River).
Siomyns father was the best friend of King Marcus IX, the aging monarch. Siomyn leaves home to serve as his own emmisary to court, in part so that he can finally meet him.
Siomyn is well versed in all the skills one would expect of a high born lord. He is untested in battle but theoretically skilled in riding and jousting. He' shown great skill with the flail as well. In addition to speaking the Kennispar (Kings Speak) the common tongue of the land, speaks Stargian and Ankhosi as well.

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