Monday, January 16, 2006

Going to Carolina

I'll be heading out to meet Gwen and her parents in North Carolina on Wednesday. I have to get up even earlier than normal, take a cab over to the Kahler hotel, take the shuttle up to the Cities Airport, fly to Chicago, the fly out to...well, wherever it is I'm going in Carolina. We'll start driving back on Thursday, and I should be back in Rochester Saturday night. And as I previously wrote, we'll probably be crawling back to Charter for home 'net access, which should mean a return to regular updates for this site.

We're leaving Belmont in the care of a dogsitter. Since we can't very well leave him in his crate for five days, I have to puppy-proof the house fully before I leave. I'm interested to see what he still manages to destroy while I'm away.

If I have anything else of interest to say, it's been drained out of my brain by this damned all-grey city.

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