Thursday, October 28, 2004

Tips for Fox Sports

1- I don't need a cartoon talking baseball explaining to me how a slider works. No one does. That demographic does not exist.
2- Stop cutting away from the game to interview some 90 year old fan in the stands. It might sound heartwarming, but someone who can't hear the questions you're asking them, does not exciting television make.
3- Every time I hear Joe Buck make some bizzare segue like "This has been a dramatic series...and you can see it in the players eyes!" I cringe because I know we're going to be subjected to a musical montage of facial expressions set to "In Your Eyes". Thanks FOX, I always felt that was what baseball was missing.
4- Fire Jeannie Zelasco and replace her with someone who dosen't sound like they're reading words at random from a dictionary. Everytime she opens her mouth all I can do is stare at the screen saying "What?"
5- No, really FOX, how much crap can you fit onto the screen at one time? Sixteen graphics, scoreboard, video of the batter, exploding laser come on FOX pile it on.

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