Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey! It's Not Funny Anymore!

When I get search engine hits from "funniest chef" it's cool.

When I get them for "retarded chef", it's less so.

Now, it's just gotten personal.

20 Mar 00:17:09 www.google.co.uk- worst chef

As to some of the other terms I've gotten recently, yes I worked at Disney World but I didn't steal anything on the way out so I can't help you with "tower of terror props". Sorry. I don't know any chefs named Carlos Rodriguez, Mark Silverman, Ben Jenkins or Thomas Burns. Sorry. I'm sure they're all awesome dudes though. I have done cartoon drawings of chefs, but I'm afraid not any wall size ones. Sorry. And even though I once spelled 'philosopher' wrong, I can't help you find your "philosepher niche". Sorry.

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