Saturday, February 25, 2006

Off Hiatus

Okay, it wasn't really hiatus, since I didn't really announce it. More like really busy with work, then too tired from work to update. Funny, but having Internet in the house again hasn't really helped me post any more often. At least I don't have some crank-head emitting spittle on my shoulder when I do it now.

Of course, I've been working quite alot lately, around 60-65 hours a weeek, and not a whole lot has been really happening of interest there lately so I haven't really had much to wrtie about either. I guess last weekend we did banquets for about 1300 people, so that was...hurried if nothing else. I actually got blisters on my fingers from spinning white-hot banquet plates across the table while I spooned mashed potatoes down on them. So that made me happy. Really, I mean that. I've been trying to develop my calluses, something Gwen isn't totally thrilled about. ("You can make your hands ugly after the wedding!")

YF and I are going to be starting a nice little time wasting all-time fantasy baseball team thingy here. It's not really a fantasy league, just me and him putting together teams of all time greats together using some software I've got. On the off-chance you would find that interesting I'll probably be putting a section up somewhere around here for it.

I guess I will finish watching the bronze medal hockey game between Russia and the Czechs. Not that I ever watch hockey or find this game the least bit interesting, but there's nothing else on.

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