Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Buck Up!

Jen and other who are depressed by the Katrina stuff- Lt. General Honore is in charge now, and if there's one person who can get this whole mess under control its him.

My Quandry

First up, I'm sorry but I implemented a change in comments. Sorry, but you have to fill out one of those word thingys to post now. We'll see how it works out. If you guys really hate it I'll take it off. Its just that those spam comments really piss me off.

On to business, the Twins season is all but officialy over now. So I'm left to pondering this. I can handle the Twins not making the playoffs (at least I won't have to be a ball of stress come postseason) IF the Yankees fail to as well. That means in addition to having to root for the Red Sox, who will probably win their division anyway, I have to root for the A's, Angels, and...groan...the Indians. The better those teams do, the less likely the Yankees will win the wild card. So I gotta wonder. When the Twins play the hurts to say I root for the Indians? They are only half a game back of the Yankees. It's probably the right thing to do, but damn if it doesn't feel wrong.

Country Music Blogging

Ok. When Jennifer Lopez sang "Jenny From The Block" didn't all of mankind agree that it was probably the worst thing humanity ever produced. Did we not all rally together in proclaiming her a lying, hypocritical bitch? Thats the way I remember it anyway.
Well, "Jenny From The Block" isn't any better of a song when Faith Hill sings it and calls it "Mississipi Girl". Ok, seriously, it's the same damn song. "Oh, I might be famous but I'm still the same person I always was". Whatever. Who the hell cares? I might detest J-Lo but at least she didn't sing about riding her kids around piggy back.

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