Thursday, March 30, 2006

Top Chef and such

-Today was supposed to be my day off, and Gwen did some scheduling gymnastics at work to take the day off and spend it with me. Needless to say someone called in sick and I had to work anyway. On the plus side I'll be going to my first restaurant convention on Tuesday. I'll write about how it goes.

- OK, top chef. I honestly don't dig it as much as Hells Kitchen, but its pretty decent. What I loved about Hells Kitchen was that the elimination challenge was always a night of line cooking in the restaurant, something I can realte to alot better than making a microwavable entree for working moms. Also, it doesn't help that with the exception of ultra-douchebag Stephen none of the competitors are particularly interesting or even likable (No, I don't mean Stephen is likable, I mean you have to keep watching the show to see how much bigger of a tool he can possibly be) By the way, of the 12 competitors, 5 are from NYC, 5 are from LA and 2 are from Las Vegas. Because those are the only cities in the US with any chefs. I mean, jeez, you couldn't have looked in Chicago even?

- I wa quite sorry to see Candace go even if it was sorta inevitable. Now that Harold has gone from fretting over Stephens bullying to making jokes with Stephen about Daves lasagna, I'm left without anyone to pull for. I could root for Dave but he seems like kind of a drama queen. Maybe I'll switch allegiance to that curly haired chick who's always so proud of how her food will inspire a good bowel movement.

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