Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hells Kitchen Finale

So ends the first TV show in a long time to really capture my imagination. I don't think I've ever been so relieved watching a TV show as when Michael walked through that door at the end. A few thoughts.

Ralph confimred exactly what I thought of him during the Street Tasting Challenge. I knew he would come up with an excuse for losing, and boy he didn't dissapoint. Blah blah blah, my dish wasn't built to be eaten on the street.

Is Andrew just a glutton for punishment? Ralph treated him like crap, but he acted obsessed with not letting him down, helping him win. Jeez, if I was in Andrews shoes, I'd quit the kitchen halfway through, scream "PEACHES!?! F***ING PEACHES!?!?!??" and storm out. Thats me though.

Michales wife and Ralphs fiancee are named Lola and Buffy. When they were shownstanding together at the end and identified by on screen chryon I thought maybe they were th strippers for the wrap party.

I almost, ALMOST felt bad for Ralph at the end, when he realized he'd lost and hung his head against the door. Almost.

I wonder if there was an unshown clip of Ralph at the end explaining "Yeah, Michael won, but if Andrew hadn't cut himself and Dewberyy hadn't gotten sick, I would have won." It'd be just like him.

I understand Jeff has a lawsuit pending against Ramsey for a shoving match theyw ere involved in, so it makes sense he wouldn't be brought back. Where was Chris though? He was the only other competent chef in the competition.

I'm glad Micahel won. He certainly deserved it the most out of any of them. Oddly, considering how much I liked the show, I didn't root for any of the competitors. I pulled for Elsie for awhile, until she did her childish bitch-fest over Jimmy not picking her for the trip. And I empathized with Jimmy, as a fellow large, prone t o confusion and falling over guy, but I knew he would never win. God, I'm just gassed that Ralph lost.

Great show. It looks like it did well enough in the ratings to perhaps justify a sequel? Maybe.

Ehhhhh.....I just finished LA Confidential. Lets just its pretty much nothing like the movie (which I liked a great deal) Way more complex, way more gruesome, really kinda depressing at the end. I guess I liked it though. I checked out another James Ellroy book at the library. We'll see if it holds up.

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