Thursday, April 14, 2005


Ok, I know its been while. Been busy with home stuff. Belmont is puking all the time lately. Lovely.
Work was good. We had I am told, the slowest day in a long time so it was pretty easy. I'm guessing Friday night will be busier. I'm working ovens and broiler for now. Everyone seems nice, and they all speak ENGLISH which is just crazy.

Hummm. Final round of voting. And it's...Shan-Yu vs. Hades???? Really? Ok, who saw that coming when this started. I would have guessed Jafar v. Ursula. I still don't know how Shan Yu made it past Ursula then my boy Frollo. I guess i don't weild as much influence as I thought. I know I hyped Shan Yu in the early rounds, I just didn't think he'd get this far. I gotta vote for hime though, based on the fact I never saw Hercules. And hes got a bird. So there.

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