Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Disney Legion Of Doom

Fantasmic got me wondering...if you wanted to put together a Legion of Doom of Disney villains who would you pick?
I'd say-
Hades: Hades would be like Sinestro. He's too powerful to take along when they rob the bank, he's just there so that the group isn't a total bunch of pushovers.
Jafar: He's got that spinny eyed snake stick dealy. That should come in handy.
Ursula: It's important to look cool and intimidating. Too bad she'd have to sit in a tank of water during their board meetings.
Frollo: To come up with plans, and run the meetings. You'd have alot of egos in that rooms and he's most likely to be able to control them.
Malificient: She's not a very good dragon, but can you turn into a dragon? No, you cannot. And neither can any other villain, so she gets in.
Scar: Scar is the Gorilla Grodd of the group. He just drools less. Hey its not a villain supergroup without a talking animal!
Shan-Yu- Well, someone will have to do the heavy lifting. And he's got his own army.
Clayton- Every supergroup needs an easily defeated normal guy with no real powers. Hello, Toyman!
Kaa- Scars inclusion means Kaa can't be a full member. But as one of the few villains with a legit power (hypnosis) he has to be included somehow. So lets let him ride around on Claytons shoulders or something. Having a sidekick should make him less useless.
Not making the cut- Cruella Deville (whats she got to offer? Two guys with cockney accents?) King John (talking animal position already filled) Chernaobog (too much overlap with Hades) Gaston (Look out! he's got a bow and arrow!) Captain Whatever and Whatsername from Atlantis (Probably not a good idea to bring WWI technology up against superheroes) Captain Hook (His crew got beat down by a bunch of kids...I mean, come on..even vilains have some standards) Shere Khan (Animal. Talking.) The Evil Queen (I think you need some actual personality for admittance) Hopper (Actually if he was full sized, he'd be in a heartbeat. I mean he can fly!)

Wow, I'm a dork. What about you?

Getting soaked at MGM

Well, against my better judgment I hit MGM today, even knowing full well it would be crowded. That being said, how in gods name could anyone go to Disney World in the middle of the summer??? How is it even possible??

I didn't even get to ride Rock n Roller Coaster because the line was 65 minutes when I got there, and they shut fastpass down shortly afterwards. I did get a Fastpass for Tower of Tower and I'm glad I did.

While I was waiting for my fastpass time, I went to the animation studio. Theres a real funny new video starring Mushu. Yeah, Mulan gets some screen time! Also, note there is a really cool big sketch of Mulan hanging outside the studio. Anyway I played around with the various animation toys. Apparently the character I am most like? Jimminy Cricket. But if I answer the final question as a villain, I'm Scar. Uh huh.
I did get some nice pictures of conceptual art from a bunch of movies. Then I did the little drawing class thing, and left with a picture of Pluto looking like his jaw is dislocated.
So I head back to ToT. I hit the fastpass line, but the attendant dosen't take my ticjet, and boy did that turn out to be a good thing. After riding, I figured, hey since I still have a fastpass, I'll go again. Setting up the BEST TOWER OF TERROR RIDE EVER.

So the ride is progressing as normal...we get to the part where you drop, the final monologue finishes...and nothing. For a good ten seconds we're just sitting there breathless (and try to imagine ten seconds waiting to drop on the tower of terror) People are starting to giggle nervously, and then the lights kind of come on. The bay doors open back up and we move forward into another this point we are all thinking our ride is broken. We sit there staring at a blank wall for awhile..then we get yanked down. We got shot up to "park visual" height four different times, saw blue lightning twice and heard the little girl singing. Then when it was finally over we sat in the pitch black in the basement for a good thirty seconds. It was crazy, the whole thing seemed so...random.

Well, I wandered over to The Great Movie Ride to collect some more HMs. I did get one, I'll cover it later. The ride was ok, this time I got to see the old west bank robbery scene, so now I'veseen both variations.

I also did the Backlot tour. There is a nice Villains of the movies display afterwards. Funniest thing in the gift shop- An Oscar that says "You Deserve An Award!" I don't know why, that slays me.

So, after one last ride on ToT I decided to stick around for Fantasmic. Ok, I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but....does anyone else have any thoughts on it? My main impression upon seeing it was "Wait. Wait. What?" It wasn't bad or anything, and many parts were impressive, it was just kinda...weird. On a positive note, the Evil Queen shows up at one point and summons the "worst villains imaginable". Who shows up? Hades, Jafar, Scar, Cruella Deville(???) and...Frollo! Yeah Frollo!
Immediately upon the show ending it starts pouring and I get soaked going back to my car.

Here's the HMs I collected.

Where-The Great Movie Ride...during the gangster alley scene, a tiny HM profile can be seen in the highest window.
Notes: Cool! Sadly, I didn't get a picture as we didn't stop here.

There is supposedly a hidden mickey and donald in the Indiana Jones scene but I didnt see it.
I also couldn't fina a hidden minnie supposedly contained in the loading room mural. One of the attendants did give me a thumbs up when he saw my book though.

Also, I don't consider the Mickeys drawn in the cement by celebrities to be HMs.

Where: The glasses on the desk in the ToT foyer. When viewed from the right angle they do make an HM.
Notes: One of my favorites! And I got a good picture of it!

Where: The mural behind the water action scene in Backlot Tour. A break in the clouds forms a perfect HM.
Notes: Got a decent picture of this one too.

Where: On a refirgerator in the Backlot prop room.
Notes: I'm not sure. It might be decorative, but it does look like it was added on afterwards. Make your own call, I got a picture of it.

Where:A box on the tram portion has two Mickey emblems on it.
Notes: I don't think this is a real HM. I think its just a disney box.

I think thats it.

An HM report just for dad

So I'm riding the roller coaster to work, and I rise from my velvet couch just long enough to spot a partucularly interesting hidden mickey, formed by the base of a water tower, and old man and a piece of flint. Huzzah cried the attendants! You have found the greatest hidden mickey yet! They lifted me onto their shoulders and feted me with roses and fig leaves and a plate of solid gold chocolate cake. Then my staff of ninja robot servants carried me to the inner sanctum of Club 33 for a private meeting with the Disney Board. After spending a few hours lunching with Michael Eisner I played a round of golf with Mickey, Stitch and Mortimer (who is never shown to the public) Then I used my all-accesss pass to hang out on top of the EPCOT sphere eating nachos and waving to helicopter pilots. Finally I was carried home by the Main Street Electrical parade which was brought out of retirement strictly for my benefit. And that was my day at Disney.

Hi John!

Well, I'm pretty excited. I finally got ahold of my old best friend from high school, Jonh Garruto. It was actually kind of a convuluted process, wherein I actually managed to contact his wife, but the message got through. So right now I'm really feeling the pressure to say something witty.

Uh huh. On with trivia answers.

1- Junior Autopia, from the original Disneyland. It was eventually removed from the park during refurbishment and reinstalled in Walts boyhood hometwon of Marcelline Missouri. Good guess with it's a small world, but that went from offsites TO a park.

2- Peter Pans Flight. I have never seen it with a wait of less than 45 minutes, including absolute dead times.

3- Ok, my information was messed up here. The number I was given was just for Wishes, the Magic Kingdom nighttime show, and not the whole thing. And that number is 70,000 dollars. Which is why a chicken tender basket cost 7 dollars.

Oh, and strictly off the record, thanks for doing such a terrific job supporting me yesterday. I really do appreciate, even if I can't talk about it.

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