Sunday, June 12, 2005

Greatest Americans

Well, the Discovery channel is doing yet another interminable list show, this time on the 100 greatest Americans of all time. They are letting people vote on their webiste, and quite frankly, some of their selections are just terrible. Bill Clinton? Oprah Winfrey? Ok..
So now, in utter meaninglesness, here are my picks for 20 greatest Americans. (I didn't actually rank them)

George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Ronald Reagan
Teddy Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson

Douglas McArthur
Dwight Eisenhower
William Sherman

Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison
Watson and Crick
The Wright Brothers
Henry Ford

Other Fields
Martin Luther King
Lewis and Clark
Ted Williams
Mark Twain
Susan B Anthony
Fredrick Douglas
Daniel Boone

Ok, I know thats 23. I just grouped famous pairs in as one person. Sue me. Also, please no need to point out my list is composed mainly of white males. I am well aware of the fact. Thats just the way it turned out.
And now I'm done.

It's my weekend

Sundays and Mondays are my regular days off, so after a somewhat tough week at work I can relax. Kinda. We need to get going on packing. We'll be doing most of our main moving on July 23d. Gwens parents are coming up to help, and they may be bringing the Malamute they are thinking of adopting as their next dog. So we can get him and Belomnt running around our ankles as we move boxes. Well, no.

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