Thursday, May 04, 2006

Top Chef? More like, uhhh, Top Shaft!

Ok, I call BS on Lee Anne getting eliminated, total BS. This is why I hate reality shows. They spend all these prior episodes setting her up as the most sympathetic competitor and for what? To just get totally jobbed out because she got stuck serving her lamb dish third? I knew it was all going to go wrong when Judge Baldy was sneering that they would for sure be sending one of the lamb dish contestants home...while Lee Anne is right behind him. What a bunch of crap. I don't thik I actually care who wins at this point.

Just a few notes on the show otherwise-

- I loved that Dave was almost crying...during the judges intro spiel at the beginning of the show. I do feel a certain fondness for him now having found out he's a fellow LCB'er. Go Dave.

- Least appealing moment? Tiffani saying she is "amorous towards food on a stick" while working with corn dogs. Thanks for that.

- How awesome was it that Stephen was eliminated right before a challenge employing fine wine and truffles. Maybe if you'd kept your sorry ass in the kitchen instead of droning on to wait staff you would have been shining here and Lee Anne would have already been elminated. Maybe.

-Best line? The Japanese chef "I really like spinach and sunchoke! I going to steal it!"

- Favorite moment? David, immediately after learning he's going to Vegas, fleeing into the walk-in cooler to decompress, something I've been known to do a time or two. I feel ya Dave.

- And I do respect Tiffani a little more for her "I am a nice person, thats just not what I came here to do". Maybe, maybe not, I guess I'll pull for Dave nonetheless.

_ I didn't comment on last weeks elimination of Stephen, because really I'm not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, his non-stop river of overwhelming arrogance was the shows most interesting feature. On the other hand, didn't we all just really want to see him axed? As satisfying as it was to see him sitting there gritting his teeth and choking back his shocked indignance, I couldn't help but feel it could have been better. Maybe had I known that rather than thinking something appropriately contrite like "Oh no, I shouldn't have been such a self-obssesed douche-bag more concerned with stroking my own ego than helping the team!" or even something suitably neutral like "Where could it all have gone wrong?" the only thing going through his brain was "How could you all be so wrong?" I appreciate the parting comments about how his awesomeness will change the business forever. Sure, if you can ever get anyone sane to work with you.

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