Sunday, July 08, 2007


Here's some search terms that have accumulated while I've been on permanent blog vacation-

"football shaped building" This one came from one of my loyal readers in the Czech Republic. I assume they got here because I am always talking about the Football Hall of Fame. (I wonder if this also explains all the hits I got from people searching for "building that looks like it's wearing the Pope's hat"?)

"nick punto sucks". Aww, be nice to Punty.

"fry sleep with leela" When Futurama comes back on the air next year, I don't think I'll be able to enjoy it because all I will be able to think about are the sheer number of people who are also watching it, but also whacking off.

"what does sexy mama mean?" Ok....pull up a chair, we got a long night ahead of us.

"chef dumpsters" I'm actually curious about this one. Are they looking for info on Chefs dumpster diving? A Chef with the last name of Dumpsters? A receptacle for throwing away large amounts of used cooks? This crap keeps me up at night.

"pineapples are really annoying" *high fives*


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