Thursday, August 18, 2005

BookBlogging III

Just a note to those of you reading this- Don't get too bogged down by all the names and references. I just put them in for my own benefit. They are not as important in this context.

Jayde Amberstone- 24 years old. Oldest daughter of Lord Allic Amberstone of Brightstone Tower. Her uncle Jory was Lord, a great knight and a friend of the king, but died unwed and childless and the Lordship passed to his younger brother Allic. At ten, she convinced her father to let her moveto the capital city of Aldegrange to study. At 20, recieved a degree in Ancient History from the Astomancers Normal College. At 22 joined an archealogical expedition to the farthest northern reaches of the Kaestrel Plains to study catacombs of the Drowned Men. Extremely well versed in the history of the Drowned Men. Hopes to uncover the secrets of what happened to their homeland (A now sunken continent to the west). Also, hopes to stay the hell away from Brightstone Tower, where she is convinced her father intends to force her into a marriage. Speaks Ghelastang and Stargian. Pretty, but doesn't really have the time or desireto put effort into her appearance.

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