Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Safari... not so bad...

Ok, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned Animal Kingdom Safari on my bottom 5 list. I actually did see alot of animals (no ostriches chased MY jeep) I think I was just ticked cause I didn't get any good pictures. I had to laugh though at the whole poacher thing. "Oh no, there are poachers here....oh wait, our game warden landed his plane RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM. Whew".
As far as 3-D shows go, I still find M3D funnier than HISTA, and I havent seen ITTBAB. Of course MPM is better than the others, but what about SCOOBANEXIS or even IZZLEWUX?

What does it say about EPCOT that there best ride is a slow boat cruise around an oil platform?

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