Friday, May 12, 2006

Warning: Actual Culinary Content Ahead

I know, I know this post has nothing to do with TV or the Twins, but something vaugely related to the proffesion which gives my blog its name. Awhile back my mater asked for my recipe for jicama slaw. Belatedly, it follows.

Some jicama. If you want to make a bunch, choose an appropiate amount for doing that. If you want to make a small batch, choose less.
Some peppers, green red and yellow I think
White wine vinegar. Maybe not necessary it is white wine. Maybe decide for yourself.
Cilantro. I hate it, maybe you don't.
A red onion


Shred the jicama on a mandolin. You don't have a mandolin, I don't know, use a cheese grater. If you have a whole day to blow cut it with a knife into little matchsticks. You have better things to spend your time on. Buy a mandolin.

Fine dice the peppers. Maybe medium dice works, or maybe throw it in a blender, it's your food.

Fine dice the onion. It should look like the peppers when you are done.

Put it all in a proper mixing receptacle like a bowl or sturdy hat.

Seperate the peppers by color and the onions and put them in their own corners of the bowl.

Mince the cilantro and put it in the middle. Can't stand the smell and flavor of cilantro, makes everything taste like dead.

Pour in the vinegar, however much you feel is right.

Mince the garlic, put it in. Be careful, put too much in and everything tastes like garlic, but not enough and you may as well not put any in. Choose an amount that is correct.

Cover the top with a thin coating of sugar. Put in too much and it's like eating chalk. Sweet, sweet chalk.

Mix it all a lot. Mix it till the colors are bright and pretty. Then it's slaw.

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