Monday, May 15, 2006

Does Harold Dieterle watch American Inventor?

Ok,that was cheap. Now, I never watched this American Inventor show before the semi-finale on Thursday. If you've never seen the show, it's basically American Idol, except with inventing instead of singing. No, I don't know how they've squeezed a whole series out of that.
Anyway, it's down to the final four, and let me tell you, the unintentional hilarity was running rampant.
The competitor we are rooting for is a Polish immigrant who invented a revolutionary new child safety seat. His infant daughter was killed in a car accident and this inspired his creation. So even I'm not enough of a dick to laugh at him when he cries while talking about it. Plus, he's Polish so of course we have to cheer for him.

Things start going downhill from there. There's a kid, maybe nineteen or so, who invented a hilarious looking tandem bicycle. He cried talking about it. Some guy who invented a talking spelling game to teach kids to read. You better believe he cries. Then some guy who invented, I don't even know, some kinda football thingy. He didn't cry at least.

They were all given resources to make a commercial, and man, if you didn't see the kids bike commercial you really missed something. I can't even properly describe it, beyond saying I thought a Bud Light commercial was going to break out. But hey, if you wouldn't mind riding around town on the front wheel of a bicycle, maybe it's for you!

Harold Dieterle, who I maintain is gay, may or may not like such a bicycle.
Harold: "I'm a cook. I don't ride weird-ass bikes. That's not me."

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