Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh, I forgot to ask. What news of the Amazing Race? Has the annoying family been eliminated? Please?

-The Twins could never sign Freshy Freshington. What the hell would they nickname him?

-Good God, is there some rule I don't know about that you can't use a computer at the library if you have showered in the past week? I really never knew that coming here was such a bottom-of-the-barrel scraping experience. (To any nice people reading this from a library- I'm not talking about you, understand...)

Oh lord, some woman just started screaming at this poor girl that she had stolen her reservation...turns out the dumb woman didn't know that if you didn't respond to your reservation within five minutes of it coming up, then it goes to the next person in line. The librarian eventually came over and sorted things out, but afterwards this idiot wanders back by the young lady and mentions something about how there would "never be a Taco Hut in this town!" (The girl was Hispanic) She just got a new computer and sat down. Everyone here, me included, is grinning at eachother, waiting for her to say something else. Come on, come on.....

-Working Thanksgiving tomorrow for lunch. 10-6 instead of 5:30-2. So I can sleep in a little more than ususal. Which is nice, since we might be going to a later show of Harry Potter tonight. Gwen will be late at work tonight, she's crazy busy lately.

Some good news for Gwen though- Her bosses might be sending her to a big idnustry con-fab in San Fran in March. Pretty much just doctors, big research types. This would be something really cool for her resume. Apparently if she goes, she needs to make a 'poster' for her report, which she tells me is term for something far more technical than it sounds. I can't help but giggle over the idea of her cutting pictures out of medical journels and gluesticking them to a giant piece of green poster board. Tee hee.

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