Friday, February 25, 2005

Ahem, ahem

Eyes...slideways please....

Counting down the days...

Gwen and Jen will be here in a few days. Happily I was able to get off from work the whole time they will be here.
Jeez, after all the posting I've done lately, I feel kinda pressured to come up with something. Just nothing interesting going on...wait.

1- As you may or may not be aware, a new set of Super Water Slides are opening at Typhoon Lagoon (which is currently closed for the refurbishment) Well, May 8th and 14th the park will be open to cast members only to test out the all-new Slush n' Gusher water slides. So maybe I'll do that. I think I will hjave to find someone to go with. I can't go to a waterpark by myself.

Also, and Dad you might be interested in this, Dave Smith is going to be giving a talk here in the future. He's the manager of the Disney Archives and author of The Disney A-Z encyclopedia, and probably the worlds foremost Disney expert. He's going to be here sometime next month for a q and a type deal. If its during the day and I'm not working maybe I'll go.

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