Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Seems the job at TI was actually filled. BUT... the exec chef apparently wants me on board too...and there are two more identical positions coming open presently. I'm supposed to find out more on Friday now. Sigh. I really just wanna go home.

Villain-O-Rama II

Voting brackets for round two can be found here.

Ok, lets see how my votes shape up for round two. I'm skipping the Tiger Test for this round and going for single combat.

Cruelle De Ville v. Frollo. Ok, seriously, who are the 22 percent that voted for Amos Slade over Frollo. Really, I wanna know. Fess up, post it here, I wanna know. Good thing Frollo is going up against a chain smoking stick fiugre, 'cause I saw Hunchback the other day, and while Frollo might have alot of skills, weilding a sword isnt one of them. Still, you just know he's hiding a gun..or a snake or something in that muffiney hat.

Captain Hook v. Lady Tremaine. Captain Hook got schooled by a couple of kids. Lady Tremaine...uh...which one is she again? Whatever, I'm assuming she would not be beaten up by a child.

Ursula v. Scar. Who wins in a fight between a lion and an octopus? I guess it depends where they fight. If they are on either ones home turf, nature takes care of the other one. I'll go with Scar because lions can swim a little bit, but Ursula would dry up on the savannah, then get eaten by a tiger. Then I changed my vote and voted for Ursula anyway since she is really a much better villain.

Shan Yu v. Queen of Hearts. I'm stopping with the combat test because now it bores me. Who could make the most PBJ sandwiches in 20 minutes? Shan Yu, thats who! I can't believe I just typed that. Man, how bad is it that the Queen of Hearts could barely beat out Whatshername? Come on people she decapitated cards! Cards!

Chernoboag v. Evil Queen. Good thing the Queen was up against the poorly dressed cat. Methinks she's not so lucky this round. What will your ineffectual posions do against a demon from hell?

Gaston v. Jafar. Well, Gaston passed the tiger test and thats good enough for my vote this time. Gaston wins the "What works better for plying princesses- Alcohol and violence or hypnosis?" debate.

Hades v. Malificent. I'm sure Hades has the awesome power to command a blowgun or whatever you need to kill a dragon apparently. A fork maybe?

Stromboli v. Clayton. Other than maybe Shan-Yu, it sounds like Clayton is the most dangerous combat. So there. Not funny, but informative.


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