Saturday, May 28, 2005

I should be a vegetarian

At least thats how I feel after getting off work tonight. If you ever needed an effective argument for vegetariansim, try cleaning a bunch of hot, greasy blood out of an Altosham. Gluggh. I don't even want to look at meat for a weak. Ha ha, I'll be back to eating bacon and pot roast tomorrow.

----An Altsoham is that big, heated metal cabinet you keep food in. Or I keep food in. In a commercial kitchen. Someone didn't put a tray in one of them that was filled with prime ribs and they dripped fat and blood all over the place. And I had to clean it.---

P.S. Before you ask, Dad- The prime ribs dripped blood and grease all over the place. Not the person who didn't put tha tray in.

God, I can't end this post.

Took a look a both houses today. Had to pretty much fly through them because I was on my way to work though. Both looked real nice. After talking it over with Gwen we decided on one of them. Gwen will go back to take another look at it when she returns from Illinois then we will prolly put an offer in on it. Assuming she dosen't find an aardvark colony in the basement.

By the way Jen, with the rising cost of tuition, can you really afford to reject Pepsi Presents Smokey out of hand? Think about it.

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