Monday, January 23, 2006

Back in town

Well, I'm back from North Carolina. Gwens grandmother passed away a few months ago and I flew down there to help her and her parents collect up the estate and drive it back.

-The flight (Minneapolis to Chicago to Raleigh) was as good as could be hoped. On the first leg the only thing I said to the guy sitting next to me was "Excuse me" when I sat down. On the second flight I didn't talk to the guy sitting next to me at all! Success! If you can't tell I hate making pointless small talk with strangers.

- We got caught in that snow storm that nailed Illinois on Friday. When it became pointless to keep going down the interstate at 15 miles an hour we pulled off on an exit to find a hotel (incidentally, in the same town that Gwens parents attended college) Then, while travelling down a country back road at about 10 miles an hour, the U-Haul got stuck in a snow bank. After we failed to push it out, we had to call a tow truck, who then had to call a wrecker to come and haul it out.

- Best vanity license plate seen on the trip: "math ho". Really?

- Latest MST3K viewing: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. "Surely this will cure him of his love of watching cinemas!" "Dont forget to reconst your flavo-fives!" Good.

- Also got Battle Royal from Netflix. It's a fairly famous Japanese movie. It's set in post-apocalyptic Japan (is there any other kind of Japan in movies?) and is about a island where a randomly selected high school class has to fight to the death. It's actually a pretty good movie, violent without being gratutious, and a little bit touching. The one lesson I took away from it though? You have to shoot Japanese kids alot before they die.

- Obligatory notice- I can't wait till we have home internet acess again, and I can update this page without being in the middle of a conversation amongst three meth-heads about who is going to get drunk if they don't have to go to jail.

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