Thursday, May 11, 2006

Top Chef Reunion

If you missed the Top Chef Reunion show last night, for shame!, as it was probably the most entertaining show of the season. Here's the highlights.

- Most notably, Stephen totally humbling himself and apologizing (without any reservations) to Candace for the way he treated her. If, like me, you've been disgusted by the way Stephen acted (or was presented on the show) it was pretty eye-popping. He basically said he never would have had the balls to do the competition when he was in culinary school and just got caught up in the heat of the moment. I don't know if "the heat of the moment" is an appropiate excuse for a 36 minute verbal dressing down, but whatever, they hug and all is well.

- Just as notable, the theme of the show is basically "Tiffani is a Bitch". Everyone pretty much piles on her throughout the show, causing her to run off and cry at one point (when confronted with the conspiracy theory that she was the one turning off peoples ovens). Dave waves his arms and screehces at her the whole hour. Best of all, video is shown of Tiffani lying to Miguels face, then she turns around and denies she lied. Even after theya all just watched her. Awesome. Also, note that Tiff is always seen in one of two outfits, either the Jaunty Black Scarf of Doom or Fashions by Frodo, with the One Ring apparently hung about her neck.

- Lee Anne, true to style, says about five words the entire show. Given the history of reality TV, I can't help but wonder if the judges were encouraged to bounce her in favor of the more extroverted (and frankly, interesting) candidates.

- Harold dances around the question of his relationship status. More on this at the bottom.

- Ken, despite having only been around for one episode, manages to start crap with practically everyone. He claims Andrea should have been eliminated instead of him and freakin' Stephen jumps up to her defense. Wow, Ken was an ass. Harold (I think) does say that any chef who claims to have never used their fingers to taste sauce is full of BS.

- None of the eliminated chefs want Tiffani to win, and most feel Lee Anne should be their in her place. Dave seems to be their sentimental pick to win. My guess? He'll melt down next week and be eliminated. The week after that Harolds sparkling average-ness will really shine through and Tiffani will spite all of humanity to take it all. Unless none of that actually happens in which case forget I said it.

- Ok, Harold. A quick check of my keyword stats today revealed, among others: "top chef harold gay" "is harold from top chef gay" "harold top chef gay" "is top chef harold gay" etc. etc.
Not really a subject I know much about, but damn it my readers demand it! Alright, Gwen, a self-proclaimed "fag hag" and the best authority I have on the subject says: YES. I guess I didn't see it, but I had no idea Jessica from Hells Kitchen was a lesbian. Therefore perhaps I am not one to listen to on the subject. But if this kind of thing matters to you, I'm going to go ahead and say "Harold from Top Chef is gay".

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