Monday, May 30, 2005

I just had a kinda crazy night at work. For some reason I had like 75 percent of the menu today. Even in our pre-meal meeting they were altering the menu, replacing items from other peoples stations with items from my station. So I had 15 things to get out in one hour. Then I just kept getting clobbered for the first hour or so, because the day people didn't leave me enough stuff. They did move someone back to cover the fryers for me, but it didn't really matter by then. We got really dead, and I ended up dragging my feet on closing since I was making time and a half. Whatever, its a job.
We're putting an offer in on a house tomorrow. Aside from the fact that it will tack another 15 minutes on to my commute, it has everything we want.

In more amusing news, I see the French have actually rejected the EU constitution. Go here to see a breakdown of how France voted on the subject. Hmmmm....why does that map look so familiar....

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