Tuesday, March 01, 2005


So I've been brushing up on Disney lore through the cast library. And I'm reading on the Haunted Mansion right? Well this one book claims that you don't actually see any ghosts until Madam Leota summons them (true enough). But at first you only see them in spirit form. Then, after the attic scene you can see them in their corporeal form. Why? It seems the reason that you turn backwards right before the graveyard, is that you fell (or the bride pushed you) out the window and you died! Seriously! I always found it a little odd how you wound up in hell during Mr Toads Wild Ride, but now you're actually being killed by part of the ride? What is that? Is that something that would fly in other ride? Maybe during the Jungle Ride you could be symbolically eaten and digested by a tiger?(Coming up now on your right, a parimecium! No, wait there's three a mecium!) I dunno, just seems weird to me.

P.S. Dad, yes I have gotten some work in. I'm up to eleven chapter synopsis now. And yeah, I seemed to remember your fondness for Bill the ladder guy. Just one of those oddball childhood memories I guess.

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