Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Election time in USG means no free time for Ben. It's hard running for New England senate and trying to work as many Animal House Quotes as possible into your speeches.

26 Mar 13:18:38 www.google.co.uk- dave chapman chef I'm always getting hits from people searching for some chef whose name is comprised of words I've happened to say on this site. But this guy! I actually worked for a Chef Dave Chapman! Long time readers (i.e. members of my family, i.e pretty much everyone here) might remember him as Chappy for Disney World. Since this search came from the UK, he might not be looking for the same guy, but I assure you my Chapman is cooler.

26 Mar 02:06:46 www.google.com- 300 arooo spartans Heh. Whatever the Spartans battle cry from the movie is, I'm pretty sure it's not the noise Nixon makes on Futurama.

26 Mar 10:02:21 www.google.co.zm- nasty and funny short stories and jokes for a cheating husband- I'm sorry your husband is cheating on you in Zambia, bit I hope you enjoyed the site!

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