Thursday, July 13, 2006

Take This Baseball Quiz!

Right here.

I wouldn't normally admit it, but I scored a dismal 36/50. Upon review I missed two of them because I was reading too fast and another two that were just brain farts. I know who holds the single season record for stolen bases, really I do...

No Recap

Never mind, I dont wanna do it this week. What? You want bloated, 15 page tv recaps, go to Television Without Pity. I've been so damned busy at work lately cranking out two 175 person banquets a day, and I don't feel like spending my one day off typing up a tv show.
Anyways, Rachel has a terrible dinner service and despite a relatively positive pep talk from chef, gets sent home. Also, Chef shares a tender 'do you know how good you could be?' moment with Keith. I would probably mock it if not for the fact that I would gladly kill another human being if that would get Gordon Ramsay to say something like that to me.
I have like, 19 different great things to write about, if I can ever find the time.

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