Sunday, May 01, 2005

I'm helping!

Now, let's see if we can't get this Disney Princess thing going. Last time around I clearly sheparded Shan Yu to victory after touting him over Sykes in the first round. Lets see if we can't narrow down the field here. And by "here" I mean you should click HERE and check it out.

Jasmine? Duh.
Alice? Sure. (Sidenote- Unless I'm skipping someone here, Alice was the youngest lead female charcter until Lilo. Discuss.)
Belle? Well, your movie gets nominated for Best Picture you probably can be in the contest.
El Winey? Who the hell is that?
Cinderella can go in, but fairy queens are a dime a dozen.
Widow Tweed? Uh...sure why not. She'll make good first round fodder.
I never saw Hercules and I've never seen a Megara character in the parks...but I guess you gotta include her.
Esmeralda and Ariel of course. (Sidenote- I have seen Esmeralda...wait I saw Esmeralda..I'm not there anymore...and you can see Quasi once in a great while. But Phoebus? The guys a loser I guess) you have to ask?
Tink and Wendy can both go...the Blue Fairy stays out.
Pocohantas? I suppose. (Favorite Pocohantas moment- "John Smith has been shot. Clearly the best thing for his health is to put him on a ship at sea for the next six months.")
No one remembers Penny so skip her. And Walt wouldn't approve of Jessica Rabbit so she's out. Aurora and Snow White have to stay I guess. Weird how omnipresent Aurora is at Disney parks.
Jane I guess. I mean, why not?
A whole bunch of chicks from Atlantis. Uh, I'm gonna say no to all of you. Next time, make a better movie.
Captain Amelia? Sorry, I'm gonna invoke the rarely seen but still crucial "If your movie is a huge bomb that nearly kills the traditional animation genre then you can't be in this web poll" rule. I knew they came up with that one for a reason.
Lilo for sure... Nani I guess.
Dad can I make a suggestion? Arbitrarily seed the finalists so that a major character like say, Belle is up against some one with no prayer of winning, like say...Megara in the first round. And how come you came up with 32 villains but are only using 16 female leads?


Well, it's been a few weeks now, and I've had alot of time to think about the past several months. So I suppose you're all wondering..was it worth it? Did you like it? Would you do it again?
As far as the work end goes, I learned alot, but also not as much as I would have liked. I just felt like I wasn't going to learn anymore there, which is why I came home early.
The total experience is a little more complicated. Do I miss it? Well, kinda yeah. It's funny the way that place gets its hooks in you. And no that doesn't mean I wanna go back. Let's run down all the things I DON'T miss about that place.
I don't miss making six fifty an hour and working thirty hours a week.
I don't miss having to work with a bunch of stupid kids who mostly came here to go on vacation.
I sure as hell don't miss living in an apartment with five other guys.
Also, and it's really important to note, this whole thing put alot of financial and emotional strain on Gwen and I. Gwen in particular. She really made alot of sacrifice to make this work.
Positives? Well, I din't get bored of the parks. I still wanna go on Dinosaur and RNRC and all the rest. I guess I could still skip EPOCT. I don't think I went back there on my own after about my first month there. Lasting friendships? Well...I still talk with my friend Jamie. She's the same age as me so we were kinda able to bond over that. But most importantly, and I think Gwen would agree here, I did alot of growing up that I needed to do. So there's that. You know, all this stuff sounds so much more profound when its in my head. Maybe I should have made an outline. Oh well, you know what I mean.
Ih, and finally. No matter what, I am now the end all ultimate family authourity on Disney. So, ha!

It's too bad I never got a chance to work as a Haunted Mansion attendant or Jungle Cruise skipper. Well, maybe next life.

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