Friday, June 10, 2005

House News

I'll see what we can do about getting some pictures up. Gwen knows how to take pictures on her camrea and upload them to her computer. I guess the trick is figuring out how to post them here.

Signed the papers yesterday. The inspection is scheduled for next Thursday. Assuming we don't discover alligators in the basement or the like, everything should be set.

The backyard to the house is pretty cool. There is a walkout from the kitchen onto the deck. The deck itself is pretty cool looking, a little hard to describe. Its a few steps down from the walkout, good sized with stairs to the yard on either side. There is a large, mature (maple?) tree which half overhangs it on one side. There is already a garden in the yard, and the back is fully fenced, so no more having to actually walk Belmont. Now we can just send him outside and forget about him. Yay.

I'll see about pictures.

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