Friday, June 02, 2006

A few quick thoughts-

As much as I'm looking forward to Hells Kitchen, I'm a little disappointed they're going with the whole played-out men vs. women angle. Hasn't this been done to death? I also wish they'd incorporate the best element of Top Chef, the inclusion of proffesionals only. Last season, most of the cooks were amateurs and only a few of the contestants could be thought to have any reasonable chance at winning. I mean, I liked Jimmy and all, but come on, do you really think anyone was going to give him his own restaurant?

I was so happy because I thought the Apprentice was finally over on Monday. Nope, it was just part one! I still gotta sit through the finale this Monday! Which means I'll probably end up watching that spawn of Satan, Deal or No Deal too. Grrr.

The Twins are probably a lost cause for this year, but I'm actually kind of optimistic for next season. If Silva can get his head on straight, Liriano continues down the road he's on and Bonser continues to improve they'll join Santana to make a pretty good front four. Now, if we can just get a half-way decent powerhitter. Well, wait til next year and all.

Looks like we've settled on a honeymoon spot. I'll post a link if anyones interested as soon as things are finalized.

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