Friday, April 28, 2006

That was a real nice no-puking streak I had going there.

Ok. Here's a hint. If the leftover chicken looks questionable, don't eat it. Just don't. Even if you're real hungry, just find something else.

Sadly, I did not take that advice yesterday, and as a result I spent last night in the emergency room. You know, I rip on Rochester alot for being a boring town, but there is something to be said for living in a town with one of the worlds finest hospitals.

I thought I just had a stomach ache until the point my hands legs and lips started going numb. At which point Gwen decided to drag me to the emergency room. Along the way I apparently asked five different times if she had put Belmont away. "If he gets into the chocolate he'll get sick!"

I got carted inside on a wheel chair, which I'm pretty sure was a first. While they were taking my blood pressure my stomach finally lost it, cutting off five and half years kosher on the puking front. I later overheard the nurses whispering to eachother that I filled up two and a half buckets. Two and a half buckets! Thats probably going on my top 10 accomplishments list,right behing that time I found that bag of dimes. Also, while I was throwing up my ENTIRE body went numb pretty much scaring the hell out of me. Hyperventilation, apparently.

After all that I got hooked up to an IV and basically just rested for several hours. Another first: They gave me morphine for my stomach cramps. Morphine? Ok, morphine. It's pretty much the greatest thing mankind has ever invented. And I sincerely hope I never have to have it again.

They also wrote me a note for work today, and while I'm not really thrilled about missing work I guess I'm not really in any shape to be there. I actually have a note for tomorrow too, but I anticipate going back. I'm just spending the day in bed recuperating now. Thanks to Gwen who, among many other things she did yesterday, made jello for me at 1am. Mmmm, a whole day of Jell-o, saltines and 7-UP. Awesome.

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