Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Don't worry

If I'm really sick Disney would let me off. I know cause I've already went home early with stomach flu. If I was really sick I would call in but I'm mostly just being whiny. I know, thats probably hard to fathom. Besides I really need to work.

Yesterday at work, during the one five minute period where we weren't busy at all, this manager I've never seen before shows up and just starts criticizng everyone. I started to get kind of defensive becuase I had no idea who she was. (I didn't say anything, don't worry) Well I found out afterwards that she is some top manager at PO*, and is a total bitch who has never been heard to say anything nice about anyone. So, oh well.

* Dad, not sure if it's PO or POR. But for some reason our food deliveries come addressed to 'Dixie Landings'.

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