Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Great Simspons Project... Season 1

I decided that trying to rank x number of Simpsons episodes out of 300+ from scratch is just too hard. So I'm going to go about it in more time-consuming and wasteful way. We'll go through, season by season and I'll pick out the best episodes from each. Then when I'm all done we'll go back (well, I'll go back) and come up with the top 25 or so from all of them. Ok? Ok. First up is, logically enough, season 1.
Not as many episodes from this season. Not to say it isn't funny, as you can see the brilliance that would later really come out strong. But the show just soon evolved into something much bigger and more complex. Plus it's always weird hearing Homers first season voice.

Bart the General Bart recruits neighborhood kids to fight Nelson.
"Did you get the munitions?"
"Is it Ok if they say Happy Birthday on the side?"
"I'd rather they say "Death From Above," but I guess we're stuck."
Probably the most clever and advanced episode of the season. First appearance of Nelson, plus Milhouse is named.

The Crepes of Wrath Bart gets sent to France as foreign exchange student. And ends up as a slave laborer in a winery.
Homer: Hey, Lenny.
Lenny: Hmm?
Homer: Does this place have one of those plutonium isolation deals?
Lenny: Yeah, in Sector 12.
Homer: Sector 12?
Lenny: Third floor, by the candy machine.
Homer: Oh, that Sector 12!
I think that Adil Hoxha, the exchange student who was really a spy, must have set the record for most lines by a supporting character who would never again appear on the show. When you consider how relentlessly the producers ended up recycling one note characters later on (Disco Stu, Gil..ahem ahem) thats fairly strange. Or impressive? Well, not really either.

Just missed the cut-
The Telltale Head, Homers Odyssey, Homers Night Out. All good really, just probably not quite top 25 material.
Ok, thats all for season 1. Things should really get going with Season 2.

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