Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Junk

- Based on a survey of myself, these are the least watched olympics since 1992. I wonder why?

- Maybe... it's because the Winter Games really lack the international flair of the Summer Games. In summer, you see competitors from scores of countries in actual competition for medals. In winter its "Heres an Austrian, a German, Austrian, Russian, Canadian, Swede, Norwegian, Swede, Austrian, Canadian, ooh an Estonian, and Austrian a Swede a South Korean ("If it's a South Korean, this must be speed skating")

- One of the best things about being a global superpower is the ability to invent sports out of thin air and then totally rule them in international competition. "Fear our dominance in the uh, snowboard cross! USA USA!!!

- Why do they even bother with the crap events like "Womens Classic 7.5 K cross country biathalon team pursuit"? Really, if we MUST have them in Olympics so be it, but why do I have to hear about it? Is there anyone in this country thinking "I'll just kill myself if Estonia doesn't medal in the combined nordic skeleton pairs!"?

- I know there is probably skill involved in luging but watching it all I can think is "He's laying down wrong! Lay down better! Yeah! Go!"

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