Sunday, December 12, 2004

And on the flip side

My Bottom 5...

5- Journey Through Imagination- Wow Figment, you put stuff on the ceiling. Good job. Wake me up in five minutes. I don't think they even have the in ride picture taking anymore. Probably because it was embarressing (like my spelling) to see all those photos of snoozing guests on the big board.
4- The Big Inner Tube Ride at Typhoon Lagoon- I think this one got built about four days before the park opened.
3- Test Track- You know why people like this ride? Becuase there are no good rides at Epcot so the last fifteen seconds of this look good by comparison. But the crap you have to put up with to get there is intolerable.
"Oh no! We're going over BUMPS now!"
"German or Belgian?"
2- That Water Ride at Animal Kingdom- I stood in line on a off day for 25 minutes for this. And for what? Nothing happens....nothing happens.... a tree is on fire....the boat spins around, I'm in front, we go down a little hill, I take the entire wave.... some snot nosed tourist shoots me with a water cannon.
1- Space Ship Eart- No, really, try and defend this one. Oh, thank you ATT for showing me how COMMUNICATION is the key to the future!

Notable Omissions- Mission Space, El Rio De Tempo, Animal Kingdom Safari ("And now, if you look to your left three miles away, in between the trees, an anteloupes butt")

My Disney Favorites

My ten favorite rides/attractions at Disney World-
10- Space Mountain- Dad and I agree, this ride seems to have gotten better.
9-Pirates of the Carribean- If I remember right, the Disney Land version is longer and better. Disney Worlds dosen't have the skeleton on the big pile of loot drinking rum. So I'll split the difference and put it here. And the only ride at Disney world that features ACTUAL HAIRY LEGS!!
8- Buzz Lightyears SpaceRanger Spin- I'm better at this than photographic evidence indicates.
7-The Tree Of Life- Not actually a ride of course, but I like.
6- The Haunted Mansion- Just as long as I remember to bring certificate.
5- Teamboat Springs- I haven't actually been on this in about 8 years, but once Blizzard Beach reopens I'm going to make a special trip just for it.
4- Mickeys Philharmagic- Only seen it once, but yeah, it's pretty amazing. Sorry Dad.
3- Tower of Terror- With the new system, some times its just okay, and sometimes it damn near kills me.
2- Rock N' Roller Coaster- If there is one thing at all of Disney World guranteed to put a smile on my face its the first ten seconds of this ride. Its just unavoidable.
1- Splash Mountain- I LOVE Splash Mountain. Everything about this ride is perfect. The sad thing is, after you go down the drop, you go around a little island, and there is an empty water bottle thats been laying on it since I got here. I want to tell someone, but that would be weird. Still, great great ride.

UPDATE: Recent departures from this list- Star Tours (Kinda dated) Big Thunder (too slow) Muppets 3-D (I like, but Philharmagic kinda blows it off the list) Indiana Jones Stunt Show (sentimental favorite of course, but since I'm unlikely to get picked again, I'm not going back) Mister Toads Wild Ride (Oh, crap. Hey!)

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