Monday, May 16, 2005

Belmonts complex feud

Belmont has his enemies, as I've written about recently. Some, line my electric razor, he dealt with by eating (seriously). But some issues run a little deeper. He has developed something of a love-hate relationship with a bottle of sour candy drops. I kept the drops on the nightstand because I gave him some once and he hated the taste. Now, if he's being really annoying I wave the bottle at him and he runs away. Well, the other night he became obsessed with this bottle. I was holding it and he would slowly approach it, sniff it, then back suddenly away. He would kick up some blankets on the floor to make a barrier and hide behind it. He even started barking at it after a little bit. Every few seconds he would edge back up to the bottle, sniff it then maybe try to chew on it. Then I'd act like I was going to squirt it in his mouth and he'd backpedal (If you think I was being cruel I was just playing around...I wouldn't cause him actual pain...he was just acting so weird) This went on for quite awhile until he finallky got his jaws around it and got a good squirt of sour candy in the mouth. Then he gave up on it and pretty much just growled. I threw it away. Belmont is odd.

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