Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I don't know if anyone else watches the Sporanos, but I'm enjoying the fifth season just as much as I did the previous seasons. I don't know, the way people talked, the show just went totally downhill or something. Well, they're high. It's great.

On the gun buying issue, I don't know. Gwen already laid down a now "no hanguns in the house" policy. Too 'gangsterish'. Well, I'm certainly not going to defend my house with a hunting rifle. That would just be silly. Maybe a shotgun? I could make it a sawed off!
Maybe I don't need one though. Last night I was trying to go to bed, and its so dark in our house at night, I walked into the bedroom door which was mostly closed. Belmont flew off the bed and started barking like crazy, before he realized it was me. Maybe he would be enough to ward off intruders?
Eh. Maybe I should get a gun.

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