Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Chapter 5- Jayde is working on working on deciphering some runes in one of the catacomb tunnels. One of her colleagues (she's the only woman on a 36 person expedition) tries feebly to come on to her. She gets irritated and leaves. Back at the base camp she discusses the days work Scrye Mors. Jayde wants to immediately explore the lower catacombs, but Mors disagrees. He mentions that the mail came today and there is a letter for Jayde. (Actually the only ones that ever write her are her younger sister Cress and her cousin Jory Whykk; her parents barely acknowledge her existence.) She returns to her quarters to get it; Tommart Shibe is waiting for her there. (They had a brief affair months ago, he can't let it go) He refuses to give her the letter unless she kisses him. She hits him on the head with a pan and tells him to read her the letter while she makes herself dinner. The letter turns out to be from her mother. It seems Cress has eloped with a Rhaoman adventurer. Her father, Lord Allaric, is heartbroken and wants Jayde to come home immediately. Tommart asks if its true and if she will really go home. Jayde says she doesn't doubt that Cress eloped but thinks the rest is just a ploy to get her to come home so he can marry her off. Tommart drops to his knees and dramatically pleads with her not to go. She hits him on the head again and tells him she isn't. She orders him out. After he leaves she sits down and begins writing a letter home. A dozen drafts later, dawn arrives and she is still writing.

Deadwood Final Thoughts

We actually finished the last DVD of season 1 last week. Is there a second season? I could probably find out quite easily, but I guess I don't care that much.
I guess I basically got over the rampant profanity (though I really wish someone would get them a thesaurus for synonyms to that one word) I don't know, I guess I kinda like it. Here's a few things that bugged me.

Calamity Jane- I'm sorry, what was the point of her character? I mean really, what did she do on this show? Besides having that annoying whiny voice she used whenever she was drunk, which was all the time.

The Doctor- I think he might just be my all time least favorite TV character. Yes, I get it, he's on edge, ok? Sheesh. Here's a sample scene involving the good doctor.

Miner- Doc, I got a splinter in my finger...

Doc- Goddam it, didn't if f****** say you should f****** now I have to f****** because you f*****8 f********** with s****** to f******* goddam it.

Miner- Is this a bad time? I'll just come back...

Doc- No, you f****** f***** k****** g********** f** (tears out a handul of his own hair)

Seth Bullock aka "Purposeful Strider"- It's like whenever a scene required him to walk down the sidewalk, the director said "Ok, stride there! and with a purpose! Yeah, that's right! You're just going for breakfast but look like you're on your way to kick someones ass! Yeah!

That and the profanity.

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