Sunday, April 16, 2006

Getting back to Top Chef

Writing this from the office at work...big Easter brunch today. Chef actually let me help out with the ice sculpture. If the thought of me with a chainsaw scares you, it probably should.

Finally got around to seeing the latest episode of Top Chef. The show had been boring me something fierce lately so I didn't bother catching it till last night. I have to say, this ep was considerably more interesting than previous ones. The competitors were finally asked to do something a little more befitting their skills than "make a fruit plate". Andrea is now gone (Andrea mentioned her food would inspire a bowel movement! Take a drink!) so now I don't know who to root for. Let's take a look at the remaining competitors.

Tiffani- BITCH. Stephen hogs up all your hatred but if he were gone, you'd notice just how damned unlikable she is. She obviously has some skills though, so if she keeps her mouth shut and doesn't piss off the judges like she has in the past she'll do well.

Stephen- Yeah, I'm gonna root pull for Captain Douchebag. Don't you love how after a busy service, when the rest of the cooks are lounging around, relaxing in their chef whites, he changes into a suit? I want to punch him so bad, yet I need him to stick around and keep the show at least slightly above the "catatonically boring" level.

Dave- Gwens favorite. "I love that guy! He's such a mess!" I particularly enjoyed when the footage of the judges talking about how he's such an emotional trainwreck was interposed with shots of him sitting in the back crying and drinking wine.

Harold- Harold has really fallen in my eyes, though I couldn't tell you why. He'll probably make it to the finals because he seems so adept at avoiding all the bad shit that seems to come other peoples way.

Miguel- Jackass. He'll go next, I gurantee it. He's been livign on borrowed time for awhile now.

Lee Ann- I guess it's her. I suppose I should root for her, not just because she's the likely winner, but because I'm afraid she might kick my ass otherwise.

I really wish they had kept that loud mouthed Irish guy around. He might have made this show a shade more fun.

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