Thursday, July 21, 2005

We had Martini the cat put down yesterday. She had been sick alot lately and had been leaving messes all over the house, including our bed. Also, she hates moving and we just worried this would be to much stress for her. She had never really recovered from her giardia almost two years ago, and she just seemed miserable alot fo the time. She mostly just slept, under the bed or in a corner of the closet, and rarely played. She just wasn't happy anymore and we knew the situation would only get worse.
So we took her in to the clinic yesterday afternoon. We held her on the table and petted and talker to her while the doctor trimmed some fur of her arm and gave her the injection. I was surprised by how fast went. After just a few seconds she blinked one last time then she was gone. We took off her collar and said goodbye. I expected Gwen to be emotional of course but I was surprised how much it got to me. Well, I've never been with a pet when they were put down before.
Martini wasn't a bad cat. She could be horribly annoying, doing things like sleeping on your face at night. But she could be pretty cute. She was always a little neurotic, and Belmonts arrival certainly mader her moreso, but she was never bad.
In conclusion, Martini was a good cat.

Also, yesterday was Gwens birthday. We went to see a production of His Girl Friday at the Guthire Theater. It was pretty funny. We had very good seats just about four rows from the stage. Too bad they aren't really built for the long, angular gentleman.
Angela Basset, who has actually been in sveral movies I have heard of but not seen (and has an Oscar nomination) was playing the lead. Even better, it co-starred the dad from Family Matters! Yeah! Another show I never watched! Well, it was still kinda cool. Good time had by all.

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